Bangkok, which means City of Angels is in 1782 by order of King Rama I as the capital was built, and now, after more than two centuries, the great metropolis has become. Bangkok and other major cities of the modern world, such as the massive buildings, luxurious hotels, shopping centers as well as modern and international airports are proud of, and it has retained its traditional beauty and texture.

Rose Garden

baghe rooz bankok
30 kilometers from Bangkok one of the most spectacular places of the city, the Rose Garden (Rose Garden) Along the lake's beauty. The greatest attraction of this garden, which includes Thai boxing Thai cultural performances, traditional dance of the country, Thai wedding ceremony, fencing and display the elephants. Rose Garden is a garden area of ​​about 750 square kilometers and the traditional crafts of Thailand has also been shown to tourists.

Market on Water

bazar ro bankok
80 km southwest of the city on the water market in Bangkok is located. The market is always full of sellers and buyers who are buying and selling on the canals of Bangkok cereals and vegetables and local cuisine, where local women sell fruit and vegetables in small boats. The most crowded market hours are from 6 to 11 am and from this it is best to tourists from the traditional way of buying and selling goods in the early hours of the morning to visit. The Weather Channel in 1868 on the orders of King Rama IV to ease travel between the urban water made a very attractive place for tourists and they can hire boats from this unique place to visit.

Crocodile farm

temsah bankok
25 km south of Bangkok, is the largest crocodile breeding center in the world of which more than 30 thousand crocodiles in its place. The center, which has different species of saltwater crocodile, South America and the Nile, every day, showing a variety of animals and other wildlife attractions for visitors that runs the most popular elephant rides.

Royal Palace

kakhe padeshahi bankok
One of the places that every tourist to visit in Thailand, the Royal Palace and the Emerald Buddha Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The palace is actually a collection of different buildings from the late 18th century to the middle of the 20th century residence of the kings of Thailand are all.
Construction of the palace began in 1782 during the coronation of Rama wood finished first. The king during his reign it has become more solid Emirate. The original map House Ayutthaya Ayutthaya period was the first area of ​​about 510 square kilometers and during the reign of Rama II to its current size of 600 square kilometers is reached.
Patayadr Thailand on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. City Ptaya are 165 kilometers southeast of Bangkok located in. Pattaya Visit more than 5. 5 million foreign tourists a year, most of them are men, one of the main tourist areas in Thailand is considered. Ptaya city because of the variety of local and Nightlife ( Disco Pattaya )Is a global popularity.

Zoo tiger

baghevahshe pataya
The zoo has more than 200 Bengal tigers and crocodiles, along with hundreds of thousands it also has a variety of other animals that provide numerous entertainment for tourists. The zoo, tigers jumping through rings of fire and show the beauty of walking on the rope in a circus run. Crocodile by this place every day, several shows and elephants are also massage tourists…


jazire marjan pataya
One of the most important attractions of Pattaya is a day trip to Coral Island. The island is about 7 km away is the seaside town of Pattaya, with white sandy beaches and to the sides of the boat every morning and afternoon return. During the course of the boat, 45 minutes by ferry, 15 minutes. The island is very quiet environment, beautiful beaches and waters, it has a unique coral

Mini Siam

mini sayam
When the road between the coastal city of Pattaya city, we are moving ahead Street entrance to Pattaya attracts our attention is the huge collection which takes its name “Mini Siam” Is .
In this series a number of veteran artists, Thailand, in a great atmosphere and the lush beauty of the works of the iconic symbols of the world have brought together a mini Siam is a mini world .
Phuket is also known as the Pearl of the Andaman Sea and due to its beautiful beaches and diving in the crystal-clear waters it is known. More than half of the island is covered with forests and mountains that extend from north to south. Phuket name from the Malay word meaning mountain or hill was taken away because of the way it looks. Phuket is Thailand's largest island and the most important holiday resorts in Thailand and Asia. در شمال این جزیره فرودگاه بین المللی آن قرار دارد که دسترسی به آن را ممکن ساخته است.
The coast of the island of Phuket and Patong Patong and Karon are located in the West Bank Karon, including the most representative and most popular beaches are. Patong beach Phuket is very wide and long and there are many shopping centers. Phuket with 30 percent of the population is Muslim, with Samui in recent years, among the top ten Asian island is popular.


There are many in the West Phuket Diving Diving centers and scope of work of the small islands around Phuket that are beautiful corals and sea creatures are known worldwide. In Phuket, sailing and surfing are also very popular.

Elephant riding

fil poket
Elephant riding enthusiasts, on the island of Phuket, a different kind of ride on this huge animal in the jungle experience. This ride is one of the most popular activities that tourists do because when riding his quiet, the beauty of nature along the way enjoy.

White-water rafting

ghayegh poket
White-water rafting WhiteWater Rafting, the most popular and the most famous entertainment that here and there. Once tourists by boat to wind through the forest during the course of 4 kilometers, one of the Majratryn hours will have passed. The best time to do it in the rainy season from June to November.