Dubai Museum

Alfhydy castle was built in 1800, the Dubai Museum and in its place appears to be the oldest building in Dubai.
In the past, the castle was used to defend the city against neighboring tribal fighters and at different times of history, as the seat of government, the residence of the emir, was used as an ammunition depot and prison. The castle walls are built of coral and sea shells that are bonded with lime. Wooden beams supporting the upper floor and roof of Saqbrg·hay keep palm, clay and gypsum. At the entrance of the castle, there is a large iron nails and the walls and towers of the conflict are evidence of past conflicts.
هدف اصلی از پیدایش آن عرضه و ثبت زندگی سنتی بود که بخش عمده‌ای از آن با سرعت در حال محو شدن است.
At the entrance of the museum, visits a set of old maps, aerial photos of the Persian Gulf and the Emirates with Dubai's urban development considerably between 1960 and 1980 show review.

Old Castle Alfhydy

moze dobi
Castle Alfhydy to accommodate the Dubai Museum, the city was built around 1787 to protect the land routes. In 1971, for use as a museum, was rebuilt, colorful images of life in the days before the discovery of oil show. Galleries views of the river, traditional Arabic houses, mosques, the souk, palm groves and desert and marine life show . Also artifacts from several excavations in the emirate and the caves dating back to the third millennium before Christ, were obtained and processing, are displayed.
Visiting hours: Saturday to Thursday: Day 8:۳۰_ ۱۹:۳۰ جمعه: ۱۳:۳۰ _۱۹:۳۰
Ramadan: Saturday - Thursday:۹_۱۷ جمعه: ۱۴_۱۷


نام محله‌ای بسیار قدیمی و تاریخی در دبی و امارات متحده عربی است. The building of this neighborhood built by Iranian immigrants in the province Azshhrstan Bstk. « محله قدیمی بستکیه » در مجاور دبی در منطقه بردبی و در خیابان فهیدی قرار دارد. Houses with old architecture, narrow lanes and tall wind towers, represents the life of old Dubai . The deflector is used to cool homes. The neighborhood is now being refurbished Dubai government to use it as a tourist village .

Jumeirah Mosque

masjed jamira
One of the attractions and landmarks in the United Arabic Emirates is. "Jumeirah Mosque" is the most beautiful and most famous mosques in Dubai. این مسجد دارای یک گنبد زیبا به ارتفاع ۱۶ متر و دو مناره بطول تقریبی ۴۰ متر و یک منبر بسیار زیبا و مجلل که نمونه ای از معماری نوین می‌باشد است . Image of the mosque as a symbol printed on banknotes 500 dirhams. In viewing this mosque creamy pinkish color of the stones is very privileged to have been used . The mosque, especially during sunset and night (Because of its beautiful illuminations and lighting) Very spectacular .

Sheikh Saeed's House

The official residence of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai (۱۹۵۸-۱۹۱۲) And grandfather of the current emir, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has been refurbished to once again stand proudly at the end of the tunnel Shndghh Dubai. در ساخت این خانه از معماری خانه‌های قدیم ایران در ناحیه کویر و جنوب ایران الهام گرفته شده ‌است و مواد اولیه ساخت این خانه آهک و ساروج می باشد .این خانه دارای یک حیاط بسیار بزرگ با پنج بخش مستقل برای افراد خانواده بوده است که هر بخش It consists of a porch, guest house and some rooms are . بادگیرها ، درب‌ها و پنجره‌های کنده کاری شده، نورگیر‌های مشبک چوبی ، همه تصویرگر خانه‌های قدیمی دبی می‌باشند. The house dates back to 1896, has a collection of rare and historic photographs, coins, stamps and historical records room in Dubai.
Visiting hours: Saturday to Thursday: Daily 8_20:۳۰ جمعه:۱۵:۳۰ _۲۰:۳۰
Ramadan: Saturday - Thursday: ۱۷-۹ جمعه: ۱۷-۱۴

ski resort

piste eski dobi
5 rounds with different height and slope, the longest distance of 400 meters with a fall of more than 60 m.. Test your skills on the world's first indoor ski resort loud or quiet slopes beginner bypass. Skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels of riders will enjoy these various slopes and snowboarders can also jumping riders in the freestyle practice. Children and parents alike can be an area of ​​3000 square meter snow park big way, the largest indoor snow park in the world, fun. Skiers should not worry about ski clothing or equipment because the Dubai ski resort, everything has been considered and place of winter clothing and equipment for skiing and snowboarding there Guests. They can be moved down the slope and tow lifts and four guests quick pass to the next round-up.

Burj Dubai

borj dobi
عنوان بلندترین برج جهان را بخود اختصاص داده است .این برج دارای ۱۶۰ طبقه و۸۰۸ متر ارتفاع است احتمالا در سال ۲۰۰۹ افتتاح خواهد شد . The tower is located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Brdby . The Tower as a destination resort, residential, office, commercial and hotel has been applied .

Amazing bus

otobos shegeft angiz
The bus serves as a vehicle on land and in the water as a sea bus moves. Travel with the bus trip will Bvdayn exciting and unforgettable tour for the first time in the Middle East. You ride on a bus tour of the town will then ride on the bus into Dubai Creek and hourly pay to turn on the river. Inside the bus is equipped with various facilities including cooling system. Life jackets and other equipment necessary in these buses has been built. A guide during the trip will provide you with interesting information .


tor khor
One of the most spectacular tours of Dubai, is worthy Tour. In this tour, visitors ride on traditional wooden boats or small ships tourist (Cruise) Khor Dubai circulate pay. Watch Dubai in both the old and the modern form during the slow journey, memories will be unforgettable. لنج ها و کشتی های مورد استفاده در این تورها دارای سیستم برودتی مجهزی می باشند و لذا مسافران گرما را حس نخواهند کرد. مدت زمان تور مابین یک تا چند ساعت می باشد. Some of tour dinner will be served on deck

the zoo

bagh vahshe dobi
A small zoo contains a variety of birds, reptiles and mammals, including Arabic and non-native species such as the tiger Royal Bengal native species at risk and Aksys beautiful deer and other animals.
It costs 2 AED for adults and children. .
Location: Located in Bur Dubai, the Jumeirah Beach Road
Time Visitors: Every day from 10 am - 5 pm except Tuesday

Palm Jumeirah

palm jamira
Artificial islands Palm Islands in Dubai, United Arabic Emirates. It is the largest island in the world are land reclamation projects in which the world's largest artificial islands will be built. این جزایر توسط املاک نخل احداث گردید.این جزایر پالم‌ جمیرا‌، پالم‌ جبل‌ علی و پالم دیره‌ نام دارند.
The islands by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai launched in order to increase tourism. Each island shaped like a palm tree will be located on top of a crescent moon and a large number of residential, leisure and entertainment will be in their place. Arabic Palm Islands off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf and will add 520 km coast to Dubai.

Safa Park

park safa
یکی از قدیمی ترین پارک های دبی پارک صفا است که روبروی هتل متروپلیتن در خیابان الوصل قرار گرفته است . The park has 64 hectares and a lake with a beautiful waterfall. The park is very interesting adolescents and young adults because they have electronic games and game machines, three tennis courts and a walking track, especially two .
Entry per person is 3 dirhams .
Visiting hours: 8 am to 10 am:۳۰ شب روزهای دو شنبه اختصاص به خانمها و کودکان (Under 7 years) There .

double decker bus

tor otobos 2 tabaghe
The buses every half an hour away from the front of the Wafi shopping mall in the region and Brdby move along short stop at various points Darnd.dydarknndgan of Dubai can view the city from the second floor double-decker bus access. The bus has 44 seats on the upper deck and 28 seats in the downstairs. City views from second floor buses are almost soldier, very interesting. A guide is also interesting information along the way tell you the past and present Dubai .

Jumeirah Beach Park

park saheli jamira
Beach Lifeguard features of the park include boarding, desert park, children's playground, barbecue cooking areas, sports facilities and helipad. The entrance fee of AED 20 per car and per person is 5 dirhams .mkan: Located on Jumeirah Beach Road
Time Visitors: Daily 7 am - 10 pm (Monday just for women and children)

Park Vandrlnd

parke vanderland
This amusement park is divided into three distinct regions: Main Street, park and diving area Fujifilm.
Location: Bur Dubai, near Al Garhoud, the album Tourist Village and Creek Park
Time Visitors: Diving area and water park days from 10 am - 7 pm, amusement park hours 10-4 pm. Wednesdays for Women.

Jebel Ali

jabal ala
منطقه جبل علی یک منطقه صنعتی است که در این قسمت مردم از جمله چینی ها و تایوانی ها و تایلندی ها برای تولید و در یک منطقه کاملا آزاد دور هم جمع شده اند .

Wide valley

vaid vadi
Jumeirah Beach Road .
Address : Jumeirah Beach Road

Perfume and spice market.

bazar atr
The Arabic word is the market Suk Suk aroma of spices perfumes and spices such large numbers of Arabic, and with foreign fragrance of cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla and conditioning that comes from all parts sale is .

Textile market

bazar parche
In this market of cotton to silk, silk fabrics and beautiful Sari Hindi, fabrics, lace and … All can be found in the market. . Here you can taste every kind of fabric with any kind of find .
Address : Brdby-street Fahdi

City of Gold

shahre tala
Gold Nva in the market with different shapes and carat found . Pink, white, yellow and even purple . There are many shops where silver, diamond and platinum selling rock substitute . Gold rate in the market is the lowest in the world and based on the quoted handmade and machine construction .

Helicopter tour

torhaye hilikopter
This hobby has recently recommended visitors . The helicopter will fly over the town and visitors are unique Mntrh the desert, coastline and its beaches, historical sites, river flow and future projects like Dubai Marina and Palm puts you in sight .

the Arab Tower

borj arab
This luxury hotel is located in Dubai . The hotel is 321 meters in height, the hotel is one of the most unique hotels in the world this hotel at sea on an artificial island in the Persian Gulf located 280 meters from the beach which is just over the road curved to the city . This is no ordinary hotel room but is made up of 202 apartments duplex apartments of 169 square meters .kvchktryn appraisers of 780 square meters and one of the most expensive hotels in the world. . The hotel's restaurant is one of the highest at an altitude of 200 meters Muntaha means the Persian Gulf lies with panoramic elevator access .

Dragon Shopping Center

The shopping center includes : نمایشگاه ها ، مراکز خرید و رستورانها است .که ۴۰۰۰ شرکت فعال در زمینه محصولات چینی در آن مشغول به کار هستند .این مرکز خرید به چندین بخش بازرگانی و خدماتی و اداری تقسیم شده است .جاذبه اصلی آن معماری نادر آن است ۱۵۰۰۰۰ مترمربع در آن طرف مرکز خرید به بخش اول پروژه بین المللی نخل اختصاص دارد.