The vast majority of documents the historical texts of the island as an island with palm groves of sweet water aqueducts built and is remembered . ساکنین جزیره با ساختن آب بند مانع جاری شدن مستقیم آبهای سطحی ناشی از بارش باران به دریا می شدند ، این آب به تدریج جذب زمین شده و منابع آب شیرین در زیر لایه های مرجانی تشکیل و سپس با حفر چاه و احداث قنات امکان دسترسی به ذخایر آب زیر زمینی فراهم می شد. تاکنون در جزیره کیش پنج رشته قنات اصلی و تعداد زیادی رشته قنات های فرعی شناسایی شده است.وجود پایاب در مسیر قنات به دلیل شیب کم زمین و ضرورت استفاده از آب قنات قبل از رسیدن به سطح می باشد
The need to conserve water from rainfall, causing water to build multiple stores at the end of a natural basin is deep. In the vast majority of historical sites and routes alluvial works cisterns which in the local language as "pond" is also visible. In 1372 on the Kish Development Organization on a 'storage of water in the ancient historic city of porridge ( West Green Tree collection ) To build a water reservoir twin to the traditional architectural style of Iran.



Green Tree collection

An old tree or banyan Lever in this collection makes it is the most beautiful, tree islands in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Vbnadr also go to the "Level" and "Lear", they say, but the cult of the tree Lower or famous banyan . Fruits of orange and hazelnut is large. Botanical experts tree species "Lore" by banyan figs Hindi or Bengali different term for it is more accurate. The branches of the tree to the ground shifted over time and gradually go down into the earth and into the stems and roots are . And this creates a sophisticated look and is mysterious.
Another area attraction Sunset Kish remains a huge cargo ship, which is now the subject is photographed tourists. The famous Greek ship-to-ship.

Greece ship