Marine wildlife

Overall, 11 species of crabs from three families there in Qeshm Island. Fish-rich waters of the island of. Green turtles in the waters of the island of Qeshm, when and Lark and also seen in the Strait of eaters and East Loft.
Sandy beach on the East mineralization in the southeastern part is a desired location for sea turtles.
Bottle nose dolphin area is also of major mammals.

Hara marine forests (Harri)

Mangroves, the scientific name to Hakim and Iranian philosopher Abu Ali Sina (Avicenna Marina) Attributed, in sizes from 3 to 6 meters trees with bright green foliage..
Mangrove tree Shores water into sea water when the water goes down the throat. Medicinal treatment in the mangrove bark there, the fresh seawater it absorbs and repels salt. The mangrove tree is actually a desalination plant is innate.

Salt cave

At a distance of 90 kilometers from the island, in the south-western end of the island ( Roughly parallel to South Coast ) Dome-shaped mountain with a height of 237 meters above sea level is a salt cave.
There are white streaks on the body salt away the mountain of fun and spectacular views expressed Dazd .

Dams Sasanian and Achaemenian

In Qeshm fresh water to drink humans, animals and plants is critical value. Since ancient times with the construction of the dam in the gorge, roads And Valleys, the rainy season and collect fresh water for drinking and growing gradually reduced.
Following behind the dam:
Following behind at 37 km from the island near the village, 28 kilometers north of the island is Qeshm International Airport. At the entrance of the Strait, municipal water sharing this historic dam can be seen from the Sassanid era.

Tel water wells or gold

76 km from the island and about 30 km north of Qeshm International Airport is well gold. Village Loft, first of all, a keen eye vents visit the island's rural households draw. After arriving at the Loft and numerous water wells in the vicinity of the rare forts in the pit rings can be seen hillside That The story of the Achaemenid period of Zoroastrianism technology island's water supply Corp. Because the technology is doing well as far as it is clear and specific subterranean Gabri and Zoroastrians.

Cave Khrbz (خربس Xarbez)


12 km south of Qeshm on the road, Kharbas cave on the cliff overlooking the sea and the plain Myankas·h.

غار خربس از غارهای دریایی است که بر اثر گرداب و تخلیه ماسه ها از حفره سنگ ها به وجود آمده، اما در دوره های پیش از اسلام مردمان با افزودن بر وسعت غار خربس در بخش های تالار میانی و دهلیزهای انشعابی به احتمال زیاد از آن برای Sanctuary or Temple have used.