Chaparkhaneh Maybod

That old refrigerator that before the Qajar period is one of the few glaciers left in Yazd province, which is made of mud brick. The major part of this magnificent building include: Ice canopy dock walls and dome refrigerator tank.
دیوارهای شرقی و غربی و جنوبی آن در زمستان سایه سار سردی در محوطه شمالی یخچال فراهم می ساخته که در شب های چله با انداختن آب قنات به حوض پهناور و کم عمق آن محوطه و تکرار این کار در شب های متوالی قطعات بزرگ یخ ساخته می شده و پس از شکسته شدن به مخزن یخ در زیر گنبد یخچال منتقل می گردیده است. Softcover accumulated ice dome to keep the summer of caravans and people use it to their advantage.

Fahraj Mosque

Fahraj village beside the main road 25 kilometers southeast of Yazd and Yazd- There Bafg. The monuments of the village in an ancient castle, old water storage, collection and Martyrs Mosque can be noted.
Fahraj Mosque of Islamic culture and civilization and unique old building that belongs to the first half of the first century AD.
It is the oldest mosque in the country and perhaps the world's remaining intact without any ornament. There chamber to Mecca with eight columns, minaret mud so long that the stairs inside the minaret of the mosque roof to roof and then to the top of the minaret lead and use the mud to make it a feature of this building is

Home trucks

This historic building houses belonging to the Qajar era and the city of Yazd is located in the neighborhood Khhadan. Larry houses due to the overall style home built Abany period, which is home to both the indoor and outdoor courtyard in the center and northern parts of the southern part of the Winter and Summer used as hall and the deflector.
From the east side to the west mirror room, kitchen, basement and other spaces as autumn and the west side of the terrace is used. The house is now a museum documents.

Cave of Wonders God

The ancient cave located near Aghda from Zoroastrian sacred caves Ast.r Oh difficulties involved difficult entrance, but inside the cave is a wide area that can accommodate thousands. A pond and towns and building works can be seen. Ash Cave is seen in many years, indicating that it is the sacred fire in the protected caves.