Time of the Safavid state is chosen as the seat of government for the expansion of the city to the south tends to be . And an important element in its urban development plan, which is around four garden gate to the south of the state and it's been about six kilometers in length . این خیابان الزاماً از رودخانه عبور می نماید و بدین جهت معماران آن زمان، پل الهوردیخان را که به سی و سه پل معروف می باشد بر روی زاینده رود و منطبق بر محور چهارباغ ایجاد می نمایند . Building bridges between the years 1008 to 1011 the level of AH and its length three hundred meters and a width of 14 meters . The bridge architecture is very beautiful and fit, order the opening of its long, impressive and it has created a certain dignity . On either side of the upper level, two cloister built in the winter and in the summer shelter is safe for pedestrians . Alhvrdykhan bridge can be considered favorable outcome composition techniques in engineering and architecture

Thirty-three of bridge


Khaju of

In the East River Khaju river and bridge works Safavid dynasty in 1060 AD, coincided with the life of Shah Abbas II built . Khaju the old design is intended for multiple purposes . To move quickly and pass the upper carriages and livestock while the lower part is mainly used to slow and stop and reflect pedestrians were . The underside is made entirely of stone and mortar and water passage openings for cord can be controlled with thick wooden boards with full closing openings in the western part of the bridge above the water surface and creates a small lake . On the eastern side, a man of stone steps leads down to the point of contact with water . In addition to the steps to sit and enjoy the natural scenery is local . In the central part of the bridge, building Byglrbygy on the upper floor and the corridor on both sides of the bridge for receptions and official ceremonies that made it in the different rooms have been decorated with golden motifs .
Chehel mansion in the early 11th century AH among the gardens and grounds of buildings and palaces built Safavid Dvltkhanh . The building is primarily to entertain official guests and foreign ambassadors, according to a single plan built in three phases . The first major forum . Secondly Ivan mirror and the side rooms . The third stage of the portico columns and wooden roof is made up of eighteen number . A plurality of columns Chehel to sign up and reflection in the water column is twenty .

House of Chehel