Tomb of Cyrus in Pasargadae

Cemetery the great Cyrus The founder of the Achaemenid dynasty in the historic city of Pasargadae in Fars province. عظمت بنای آرامگاه کوروش بزرگ از همه سوی دشت مرغاب پیداست، به‌ ویژه اگر از سمت جنوب غربی از راه باستانی گذر کنیم و از تنگه بلاغی وارد دشت شویم، نخستین چیزی که جلب توجه می‌ کند آرامگاه کوروش بزرگ است. آرامگاه کوروش در گوشه جنوبی محوطه‌ ای جا دارد که زمانی بوستان شاهی پاسارگاد بوده‌ است. Tomb building two hundred years of normal and abnormal resistance against destructive agents, and still remains Pasargad. Rule or its main foundation stone platform whose design is a square of 13.35 meters and a width of 12.30 m is. The building consists of two distinct parts: یک سکوی سنگی شش پله‌ ای و یک اتاق با سقف شیروانی بر فراز پله ششم ، ارتفاع کلی بنا اندکی بیش از ۱۱ متر است. The researchers bodies originated in the ceiling of the tomb of Cyrus the Great and Lady Kasandan is, because the construction of the tomb to Shklyst that even in the wake of successive wars and the building remained intact tomb where the enemies could not destroy. Only two tombs were built that way : One tomb the great Cyrus Pasargadae and other Tomb Gore Girls dashtestan The smaller building is the tomb of Cyrus the Great.

Arg Karim Khan

Organ Karim Khan Zand ،همانگونه که از اسمش پیداست وابسته به دوره زندیه است بدینگونه که با همت کریم خان زند و تهیه ی مصالح مورد نیاز از داخل و خارج کشور،برج و بارو یی منحصر به فرد و عظیم Create a unique and unparalleled in the. Arg Karim Khan in the center Shiraz city و محدوده ی میدان شهدای فعلی واقع و به مساحتی برابر ۴۰۰۰ متر مربع و در محوطه ای بیش از سه برابر این متراژ ساخته شده است .دیوار های آن بسیار محکم و ضخیم و به حدود ۳ تا ۸ متر میرسد تا از هر گونه آسیب از طرف دشمن،ایمن باشد. Although the place where they live and the rule of Karim Khan, but at various times to see many changes and as the seat of sovereigns and prison and is now becoming a great museum Shiraz city And Fars province. The Notes on Arg of Karim Khan Zand 15-meter high towers, one of which can be crooked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Hotel and Ayvanhay and miniature painting, Thick walls, private bathroom and garden and water views, is. The moat dug around it to protect the base, which is now no trace of it.

Grave keeper

The main building of the tomb keeper of Karim Khan Zand and is related to the year 1187 AD. The building was originally a porch with four columns in the middle of the north and south of the crossing, and on both sides it has two rooms Bvdnd.qbr the keeper outside the building and in the middle of the cemetery that was. Iron fence around the grave were placed in subsequent periods that were not properly. Between 1314 to 1317 Do Hafez Hafez court if the court is now available income. Poems of Hafez in the middle of a large veranda in the garden was created and old tombstone was preserved in its original location. Poems of Hafez in the middle of a large veranda in the garden was created and old tombstone was preserved in its original location. Shirazi, who died in 924 AD, is the domestic shrine and the tomb of the late al-Dawla opportunity Shirazi, who died in 1339 AD at the tomb of Hafez's.

Saadi's tomb

Location and burial tomb of Saadi, also known as Sadia Sadi, the Persian poet's .
The tomb at the end of the street next to the park and cheery garden on a hillside in the North East of Shiraz. Around tombs, graves are a lot of great faith, according to her will, have been buried there, including Mhmtrynhay can be named conspired Shirazi tomb to tomb of Saadi is connected by a porch. Tomb of Sheikh al-Sa'di Musleh al-Din al Musharraf on 20 November 1353 to 1010 Reg. 3 of the National Association of State Parties .
Dehkhoda dictionary quoting the name of the local culture overwhelming proof that Sheikh Saadi, where lie the "Gazrgah" and quoted the culture of Shiraz near the shrine of Sheikh Mslhaldyn Nndraj Gazrgah considered Saadi Shirazi .

Vakil Bath

One of the prettiest and most perfect type of bathroom shower treasure Iranian lawyer. The bath, the projector is set Zand Vakil Mosque is located on the western side. The bathroom has a base 1350 square meters of brick, limestone, stone and mortar made. Bathroom break of three parts, the main hall is the bathroom and treasure. One of the masterpieces of the Zand period lies in the roof locker rooms. The roof of the break caused by the limestone reliefs that pretty pink and lime to go with artistic elegance and have created the following roles. 1-stage ascension of the Prophet(s) 2-stage Sultan Sanjar and the old woman's 3-stage, 4-stage Shirin and Farhad Bijan and Manijeh 5-scenes visit to the well-dropping Joseph(AS) 6. Sheikh Sanan and girl love scene Nazarene 7-scenes sacrifice Ishmael by Abraham 8-washing scene Sweet Springs 9-icon Ali(AS) And his 10-scene Zulfikar out Joseph(AS) The well in the main hall of the four stone pillars and roof arches like a piece that has a lighting lounge is Nvrgyrhayy. Bathrooms also include a pool of cold water and warm water pool treasure is.

Orangery consistency

Orangery garden consistency consistency that is well known, between 1257 to 1267 AD, coincided with the government and the orders of Ali Mohammad Khan Qajar Shah(Ghavamolmolk second) And his son Mohammad Reza Khan(Ghavamolmolk third) Built and completed in Shiraz. Orangery building land with an area of ​​3500 square meters and with an area of ​​940 square meters on two fronts and South America was created by artists Shirazi. Located on the south side entrance and vestibule opens to a courtyard and through the hallway mirror becomes. South side of the building consists of two pillared porch and rooms with a seating has been crew. North side of the building has a basement floor and two on the floor, which includes the Hall of Mirrors with integrated marble columns, the hall is the living and the rooms where the paperwork and has been accepting guests. The building of the arts, such as mirror, glass, the lighting, woodwork, carvings, plaster and Mogharnas used in the course of the most beautiful monuments in Shiraz.