Peak Markvh

Peak Markvh Cone-shaped, wooded and isolated from the Alborz mountain range, which are six kilometers and three kilometers from the beach and the Ramsar East Branch communication is to Ramsar. With an area of ​​600 thousand square meters of mountain rocks with a variety of shrubs, trees, hazel, oak, boxwood and covered medlar and peak height of 500 meters above sea level, which makes it easy to climb of 340 stairs on the south side job. There Ktalm city, prospects for its beautiful sea, rice fields and tea gardens and citrus in north peak, dominate the lush green hills and mountains of Alborz and the surrounding villages and rivers in East Nsarvd this place has a special position. At the highest point Peak Markvh The remains of a castle remained the region's ancient rulers may monitor environment.


Javaherdeh (In Gilan Province: Jyvr means ten top ten) A village in the city of Ramsar in Mazandaran province. Historical Village - Tourist Javaherdeh 25 km Ramsar Skhtsr district and at 2000 meters above sea level in the Alborz mountain range with large peaks are Smamvs.
Streams upstream of the village with beautiful waterfalls, vast forest park in the valley that lies Safaroud along the river with sparkling water and the tourism attractions of this region is.
Monuments such as the Friday Mosque in the distant past seems to have been Zoroastrian Temple, or temple and Gabri graves dating back more than two to three thousand years of its monuments are scattered in the area considered.
Traditional clothing for women this area in many of the celebrations and ceremonies, giving a certain grandeur to the event. Javaherdeh with indescribable beauty that can be cited as one of the masterpieces of creation in nature.

Forest Ramsar

Ramsar, a village in the Central District, 30 kilometers southeast of the city of Ramsar, the Ramsar and the village is Chhlshhyd.
If you plan to travel to the northern forests autumn nature in mind, we propose to you Ramsar forest. Beautiful forest among tourists as the "corridor of Heaven" is known for his unique and dense trees and the weather could not figure Bkrtryn your experience nature.
Near the forest of 600 thousand square meters Ramsar to it, makes the forest known as Ramsar. Forest road that continues after the summer Janet Ramsar you ROODBAR and Grsmasr, Akrasr, clay and… You give your life to you, perhaps the most beautiful natural images show.
Forest Ramsar Ramsar Branch is on track to achieve it can track Ktalm- Harris (Khan Mirza small road) - Ramsar pass or the output of the Ramsar start and after a journey of about 7 km on tarmac path Ramsar Branch, the three-way reach Janet ROODBAR. Ramsar forest 23 km further along the road you will take!


kakhe moze
این عمارت به کاخ مرمر معروف بوده و در سال ۱۳۱۶در میان باغی به مساحت ۶۰ هزار متر که مساحت کاخ حدود ۶۰۰ متر می‌باشد با شیوه معماری اروپایی بنا گردیده است.در داخل کاخ گچبری‌های زیبا، سقف بسیار دیدنی با ۴ ستون سنگی بزرگ خوش‌تراش، ببر سنگی، مجسمه‌های برنزی و مرمری، تابلوهای نقاشی عتیقه، فرش‌های نفیس، کریستال، منبتکاری‌های استادانه و آثار منحصر به فرد هنرمندان بزرگ ایران و جهان جهت بازدید عموم به نمایش گذاشته شده است.
Modified citrus seedlings and plant species in the garden first planted different and rare outside the museum into one of the unique gardens of the diversity of plant species has become.

Major dam

Major dam, earth dam is 20 km from the Ramsar core tarry on the river is Nsarvd. Nsarvd that runs plinth. Major dam Ramsar and Ramsar head is intermediate between Orbe. Major dam because of its size and the surrounding forest, landscape beauty and nature has created for tourists.
The dam is located at a distance of 5 km to the south of Markvh that the road is paved to the dam crest. According to a protected area Major dam you can not enter the premises or withdraw it. But the magnitude of the barrier of distance away from the dam itself is awesome.