Tariffs suites and apartments and villas in Ramsar

Tariffs suites and apartments and villas in Ramsar

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Tariff suites, apartments and villas in Ramsar

زمستان ۹۴

ایام غیر پیک

Unit Type Single Independent
One bedroom ۸۰,۰۰۰ ۱۷۰,۰۰۰
Bedroom ۱۷۰,۰۰۰ ۲۸۰,۰۰۰
THREE BEDROOM ۲۸۰,۰۰۰ ۴۲۰,۰۰۰
Services :
  • All above rates are calculated for each night and notes prices are in USD. .
  • Hours chek in (log in) ۱۴:۰۰ و chek out ( Exit) Room 12:00 is.
  • To finalize the reservation must be the full amount after the Company with the account number ۶۳۶۲۱۴۱۰۹۹۳۶۴۳۶۷ Ramsar future bank branch to be done and Perfect Pony.
  • Cancellation request must be booked by guests 24 hours prior to arrival date ( reserved ) Take place, otherwise one night room rate of 100% is received by the Agency.
  • Lack booked as a guest on a night room rate and 100% cancellation of reservation is received by the Agency.
  • If arriving guests 12:00 midnight to 7:00 am, the calculated amount of room the night before.
  • If guests arriving between the hours of 7:00 am to 10 am:00 am, the 50% charge will apply as.
  • If guests leave between 14 pm:00 to 19:May 00, 50% of the charge after 19 hours:00 full charge is calculated.


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