Ramsar Kowsar Hotel

Ramsar Kowsar Hotel

kosar as

Hotel Ramsar Kowsar beachfront apartment

**پائیز و زمستان ۹۴ **


room type

Rate Tariff Act of Union Hotel (Rial)

Special rate tariffs partner agencies, Organizations (Rial)


2 Bedroom (4 bedroom)




Add Mats




  • Services:

    • All rates include breakfast (Buffet) , Tax .

    • Time check in (log in) ۱۴:00 and check out ( Exit) Room 12:00 is.

    • جهت قطعی شدن رزرو می بایست مبلغ کامل پس از اعلام شرکت به حساب شماره ۶۱۰۴۳۳۷۹۳۱۹۷۰۳۹۴ Ramsar bank branch to be done and Perfect Pony.

    • Request the cancellation of booking by guests must be 24 hours before the date of arrival ( reserved ) Take place, otherwise one night room rate of 100% is received by the Agency.

    • Lack booked as a guest on a night room rate and 100% cancellation of reservation is received by the Agency.

    • If arriving guests 12:00 midnight to 7:00 am, the calculated amount of room the night before.

    • If guests arriving between the hours of 7:00 am to 10 am:00 am, the next 50% of the charge is applied.

    • If guests leave between 14 pm:00 to 19:May 00, 50% of the charge after 19 hours:00 full charge is calculated.

    • برای افراد ۷ سال و بالاتر سرویس اضافه تعلق میگیرد .


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